New products from Ascania Frozen Food: vegetable and berry purees, stir-fry pasta and Brussels sprouts

Ascania Frozen Food Company presented new products: vegetable and fruit purees of Spela TM, stir-fry pasta and Brussel sprouts from Hortex. 

Hortex stir-fry pasta is made according to Italian recipe and contains only natural ingredients. The product range of Hortex is presented with gnocchi with butter and herbs, pasta with cheese, bolognese and spinach sauces.

Vegetable and fruit purees of Spela TM are completely natural, without sugar, salt, artificial coloring, flavors and preservatives. The customer can find various purees from green peas, broccoli, raspberries, strawberries and cherries in Spela product range. The products are available in convenient 200g packages.

The frozen Brussels sprouts of Hortex retain all the beneficial properties and are available in 400g package.