New product of Kvass Beverages plant: low-alcohol drinks GardenZ “PartyMix”!

The GardenZ brand has presented a new series of natural low-alcohol drinks PartyMix.

Drinks are produced at the Kvass Beverages plant in a 0.5 liter metal can.

GardenZ “PartyMix” tangerine-gin cider: juicy tangerine flavor combined with juniper berries. The natural sweetness of juicy fruits is balanced by traditional apple sourness.

GardenZ “PartyMix” cider plum-almond: an amazing combination of ripe plum flavor with a light almond flavor will impress connoisseurs of traditional cider drinks.

Benefits of drinks:
• do not contain added alcohol;
• product of natural fermentation;
• do not contain synthetic additives;
• without flavor enhancers;
• only natural ingredients;
• only natural apple juice.