Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine Company has equipped with LED-lights classroom in Okhmatdit Hospital

September 10, new classroom in Okhmatdit hospital was opened for children who have been treated for a long time.  Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine Company on charitable basis completely equipped classroom with energy-saving linear LED-lamps of TM Eurolamp.
“We should support children who encountered difficult life situations. They spend the most of their lives in the hospital, so, they do not have opportunity to go to school and get knowledge like other children. We hope that we can contribute to their education and this lightening helps them to study with comfort and save their eyesight” – said Oleksandr Kurylko director of Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine Company. Worldwide, LED-lightening is recognized as the safest for pupils: “This lightening does not flicker and has high coefficient of light transfer. LED lamps have warm white light, which contributes to concentration and creates working atmosphere” – said in the company.
The class was opened at the initiative of the charity fund “Small Heart with Art”.
Note: Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine Company is the official representative of German company “Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine GmbH” at the Ukrainian market. The company supplies to Ukraine products of world famous brands of EUROLAMP™ (energy saving light sources) and EUROELECTRIC™ (electro technical group of products). In general, more than 350 positions of these trademarks in the product range are presented in Ukraine.