Ascania Group of companies has entered the electricity and natural gas market

Ascania Energy Company is established to provide energy to commercial consumers. 

Today the company supplies about 17 million kWh of electricity to customers every month.
«The reason for starting this new business was the anxiety about significant increasing of electricity tariffs after new market launching», – told Valeriy Horban, founder and shareholder of Ascania holding, Interfax-Ukraine news agency. When we entered the market, we predicted 20-25% increase of electricity cost for businesses. However, in fact, after 1 July the soaring price was 40-50%. Our group consumes a lot of electricity and this is a huge expense. But the real market understanding gives opportunity partially compensate these losses», – said the businessman.

According to Valeriy Horban`s words, the company began to prepare entering new segment in early 2018. «Over the last two years we have been monitoring the gradual liberalization of energy market in Ukraine. Creation of sufficient free market of natural gas in 2016-2017 gave us opportunity to diversify supplies of this resource, to develop expertise in this segment and start to supply gas at optimal prices», – said Valeriy Horban.

The businessman considers that at the same time the today`s electricity market is in the process of being created: «The market is difficult, with minimal margins and number of participants, who have traditionally been monopolists and used to apply in their work administrative influence and relations with state apparatus, – said Valeriy Horban. It is important to understand the market dynamics and pricing trends, as well as to have expertise in consumer prediction. All these factors will significantly decrease electricity costs for business. After all, saving only a few percent reduces costs by hundreds of thousands, or even millions of hryvnas a year», – said Valeriy Horban.