Ascania-Flora provided Brovarsky Central District Hospital with a new oxygen network and oxygen equipment

A new modern oxygen network has been laid in Brovary Central District Hospital, which is connected to each building of the hospital. The special oxygen equipment has been installed.
The network provides the connection of artificial lung ventilation devices, which is extremely important in an epidemic.

The project was donated by Ascania-Flora. The company has financed the cost of works (a half of a million hryvnias) and has organized both the purchase of oxygen equipment and construction and installation work.
Therefore, the new system provides with oxygen all the buildings of the hospital: surgical, therapeutic, maternity, infectious and polyclinic. More than 100 oxygen points are connected with the possibility of further significant expansion if necessary.

«After a sharp increase of number the intensive care patients who need the oxygen therapy, our hospital has need of a new oxygen line that runs from the oxygen station directly to the patient. In times of epidemic rise COVID-19, we are faced with a huge increase in the use of liquid oxygen, more than 12 tons per month. However, the infrastructure that was in the hospital could not withstand such loads: the branch pipes and oxygen concentrators began to freeze, patients lacked oxygen. This problem was solved by installing a new equipment with the help of the company “Ascania-Flora”» – said Valentyn Bagniuk, Chief Physician of Brovary Central District Hospital.
Valery Gorban, General Director of Ascania-Flora, said, that situation in Ukrainian hospitals is quite tense. When company found out about Brovary Hospital needs, they jointly developed a plan for laying a new modern oxygen network and installing special equipment: “We are a socially responsible company and we cannot stay aside in such a difficult time for everyone,” said Valery Gorban.