«ZBROYAR» company is introducing Ukrainian Armed Forces to rifles of NATO standart

«Zbroyar» company organizes training activities with subdivisions of Ukrainian Armed Forces where soldiers can master firearms of NATO standard.  Overall in 2017 the company held eight training seminars for more than 170 soldiers from four subdivisions of Ukrainian Armed Forces. «The main purpose of these seminars is the training of Ukrainian soldiers to handle with firearms which are built on AR-10 and AR-15 (M-160) platform and used by NATO soldiers.
At the seminars military get information regarding technical specification and maintenance instruction of weapons such as self-loading rifles Z-15, Z-10 and bolt-action rifle Z-008 by «Zbroyar» ltd.» – informed the press office.
Moreover, thanks to a practical part of the seminar where soldiers can shoot from Z-15 in .223 Rem, .300 AAC/.300 Blackout calibers, precision rifles Z-10, Z-008 in .308Win caliber they have opportunity to assess accuracy and ergonomics of rifles based on AR platform. Also, they can compare usability and accuracy of these rifles with firearms of USSR standard.
According to information of the press office «Zbroyar» company looks forward to further cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on the matter of acquaintance of military with firearms of national manufacturing that meet NATO standard.
All mentioned events were organized only with funds of «Zbroyar» ltd., the company strategy is aimed to support the State in the creating of modern Ukrainian army.
Note: «Zbroyar» company is only private manufacturer of civil rifled weapon in Ukraine. The company manufactures self-loading carbines Z-15 and rifles Z-10 which are built on the base of AR-10 (AR-15) platform, weapons accessories and, also, precision bolt-action rifle Z-008 of own development.