Zbroyar Company and General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces held a conference for divisions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces according to operation of rifles of NATO sample

On 29th of March, ZBROYAR Company with General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces held a conference where questions according to operation of high precision small arms system Z-10 in divisions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were raised. The conference was attended by Army General Viktor Muzhenko – the Chief of the General Staff and the commanding officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, representatives of the General Staff of Ukraine, the Central Research Institute of Arms and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces, divisions of the Armed Forces, the Center for Missile and Artillery weapons under the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Sniper Training School of the Armed Forces, Arming and Training Services of the Armed Forces, fire arms training of military educational institutions of Ukraine.
At the conference participants discussed adaptation of high precision small arms systems in divisions of the Armed Forces, they provided recommendations on commissioning and maintenance. In addition, technical characteristics of the rifle and information about the characteristics and nomenclature of recommended ammunition were outlined.
“You cannot underestimate the importance of snipers work and quality of their weapon in the zone of Anti-Terroristic Operation. So, the aim of our meeting with solders of different divisions was the improvement of high precision rifle Z-10. They have got these rifles complexes of NATO standards thanks to volunteers and use them in fighting conditions. During the meeting, the solders shared their experience about rifles operation with specialists of ZBROYAR factory-manufacturer. We hope that the result of this meeting will be improvement of Ukrainian high precision small arms in the nearest future”, – said Sergiy Gorban, General Director of Zbroyar LLC.
During the conference, the solders also were acquainted with the process of rifles manufacturing on modern machinery and equipment where the rifles Z-10 are tested. Every participant had the opportunity to try self-charging Z-10 and a rifle with the long-and-sling gate Z-008 manufactured by ZBROYAR in action in the shooting range of “Center-A” complex. The Head of the General Staff of Ukraine Victor Muzhenko also tested Z-10 and Z-008 rifles. During his speech, he emphasized the importance of sniping development in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Moreover, at the conference attendants discussed questions related to the training programs of ZBROYAR specialized training group, whose task is to adapt and train the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the high precision small arms complex Z-10.