The line of kvass «Yarylo» is expanded with new flavor!

The natural flavor is produced based on traditional kvass recipe with using of bread yeast. Zaporozhye factory “Kvass Beverages” presented a new product – “Yarylo Bilyi Domashnyi”. It refreshes and quenches thirst for a long time! Kvass is bottled in 0.5 L. and 1.5 L. plastic bottles. The line of kvass «Yarylo» still has favorite consumer tastes: classic «Yarylo Spravzhnyi», sweet «Yarylo Medovyi», tonic «Yarylo Myatnyi» and loved by housewife’s – Yarylo Okroshechnyi.

The company «Kvass Beverages» is the largest manufacturer of raw grain kvass with the full production cycle.