The Group today

Group of Companies «Ascania» is a multidisciplinary Ukrainian holding which includes 13 companies.

The GC «Ascania»’s activities are the following: import, production and distribution of the food products, logistic services, manufacturing of small arms, agriculture (roses growing), honey processing and export, security services and security staff training of private and government agencies. All our companies are certified according to international quality standards and production facilities are equipped with modern technologies.

The branches of «Ascania» work in all regions of Ukraine, from Lviv to Dnipro. The Group have also an office and a warehouse in Berlin (Germany) – «Ascania-Logistic GmbH» and an office in Guangzhou (China). Total number of employees of the Group of Companies «Ascania» is more than 2.5 thousand people.

During 20 years of active service we have made a significant contribution to the development of the Ukrainian economy, having earned the trust of millions of consumers in Ukraine and abroad. People enjoy the «Yarylo» kvass all over Ukraine. Millions of people have already rated the beauty of our roses, grown in the greenhouses of «Ascania-Flora» – one of the Europe’s largest producers of roses. The «Ascania-Pack» honey won the trust of even the most demanding customers from EU.

Thanks to this, the Group of Companies «Ascania» has reputation of a reliable partner, focused on creating long-term relationships with contractors.