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The «Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine» Company

«Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine» is the official representative of the German company «Green Power Euroelectric GmbH» in the Ukrainian market. The company supplies to Ukraine products of the global brands such as EUROLAMP™ (energy-saving light source) and EUROELECTRIC™ (electrical goods group). In the Ukrainian market it is represented by more than 350 SKUs.

In 2002, EUROLAMP™ won the Ukrainian competition «Brand of the Year-2012».

Modern production lines of the company «Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine» and its own independent laboratory ensure the compliance of products with European and Ukrainian standards of quality and safety. Each unit is independently tested in special laboratories and receives confirmation of safety in the certification centers of Ukraine and Europe.

Among the clients of «Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine» are the largest network companies: «Epicenter», «New Line», «The Praktiker», «Oldі», «Auchan», «Caravan», «Silpo», «Novus», «Varus», «MegaMarket» and other.