Novelty! “Trembita” mineral water from “Ascania FMCG”

Ascania FMCG’s portfolio has a new brand – premium quality mineral water “Trembita”.
It is extracted from a spring, 1560 m deep, located in the village called Novy Mizun (Ivano-Frankivsk region). The spring originates near Mount Kigola, and the water there has been flowing since 1965 – it is very soft and amazing. Trembita is bottled at the Carpathian Mineral Waters enterprise, which is equipped with high-tech equipment that allows to purify mineral water without interfering with its natural structure.
Water is perfect by nature, crystal clear and useful. It can only be found in mountain springs. Water flows in the bowels of the earth in combination with organic matter and trace elements, undergoing natural purification and mineral enrichment. And when it comes to the surface it is saturated with solar energy and oxygen. You can drink it in its original form – without boiling and filtration.
More than this, an original bottle was created specificallly for our company: it resembles a musical instrument – trembita, and is created using a new technology of lightweight glass, and the patterns with inscriptions on the label are tactile: “ We picked up a special material, so that the label remains intact even when wet” – says Inna Sirchenko, head of marketing at Askania FMCG.