Mission and Values

We work for our clients and business partners feel safe and receive top-notch service!

Corporate values of the Group of Companies «Ascania» are: leadership, dynamic development, professionalism, innovation and concern for people and responsibility.

  • Leadership

Our products and services occupy a leading position in various fields of business. We create a unique product, which has no analogues in Ukrainian market. For example, the «Zbroyar» company is the only private manufacturer of weapons in Ukraine, «Ascania-Flora» is the largest producer of roses in Europe and the Shooting training complex «Center-A» is really unique for the whole region of Eastern Europe.

  • Professionalism

Our most valuable asset is our staff. Most of our staff has passed their formation within the company. We understand and take into account the interests and needs of every employee, as well as we are engaged in the development of professional competencies of personnel in order to provide customers and partners with the highest possible level of service.

  • Innovation 

We hold the primacy in the introduction of new services and products. Our companies are certified according to international quality standards and are equipped with modern equipment that allows us to be suppliers of high quality and safe products.

  • Responsibility

We are a socially responsible business, and take care of the different layers of society. Employees of our companies regularly help orphanages and boarding schools, support the Ukrainian military, as well as participate in the protection actions of the environment.