Kvass “Yarilo Spravzhniy” and cider “GardenZ” received awards for high quality products

According to the results of the XXIII International Competition of Beer, Soft Drinks, Low Alcoholic Beverages, and etc., kvass “Yarilo Spravzhniy” and cider “GardenZ” with strawberry and grape flavor were awarded gold medals for high quality. This year’s competition was the largest in terms of the number of submitted product samples and participants: 34 Ukrainian manufacturers took part in it, submitting 133 product samples. This competition was held in Kyiv and was organized by “Ukrpyvo”.

Kvass “Yarilo Spravzhniy” is a grain kvass of live fermentation. Refreshes in summer when it’s hot and gives pleasure in winter when it’s cold. It has the fragrance of fresh rye bread and sweet and sour bread taste.

“GardenZ” cider with the taste of strawberries and grapes has a fresh aroma, with notes of strawberries and sparkling Fragolino, which changes to apple tones. The taste is refreshing, berry, with a hint of, grapes and apples and strawberries once again. The color is pink and crystal clear.