Julia Kutorkina

CFO of Ascania-Pak. Has been working for the company for 7 years.

Julia’s career began at Ascania Group as a financial intermediation manager in 2013. Within a year, she was promoted to head of the fundraising department. And in 2017, Julia took the position of Deputy Director for Economics of the company “Ascania-Pak”, from 2019 – CFO of the company.

“Following the advice of my parents, I studied at the Faculty of International Relations. But since my student years I have been interested in currency exchanges, banks and financial transactions. And at the age of 33, I decided to get another higher degree and went to study financial and accounting analytics and banking, to start from scratch. It was difficult to close a successful career in another field, but I took a risk.

At work, I like to always be in shape, morivation comes from gaining new experiences and opportunities, another point of growth. In Ascania there is an opportunity to gain experience in different areas of business and not stand still.

For those who are just starting their career, I advise you not to draw from the intended path and work to achieve your goal. It doesn’t matter what awaits you in the end, the main thing is the experience and knowledge you will gain on your way. “