The history of GC «Ascania» started in 1996 with the establishment of the «Ascania-Trading» Company, the importer and distributor of the food products of famous brands.

1999. The logistics company «Via Trans Expedition» was established. The main activities of the company: transport logistics, warehousing and freight services.

2001. The «Ascania-Flora» Company was established, the largest producer of roses in Europe and the leader of the Ukrainian market.

2002. The «Ascania-Pack» Company was established, a manufacturer of dry and pasty portioned products, importer and distributor of packaging materials. The company also actively develops the processing and export of honey.

2005. The «Ascania Auto» Company was established, which is an importer and distributor of tires and alloy wheels.

2005. The Management Company «Ascania Group» was established.

2007. The «Zbroyar» Company was established, specialized production of high-precision sporting and hunting rifles.

2008. The ski complex «Protasiv Yar» passed into the management of the Group of Companies «Ascania», which is located in the center of Kyiv.

2010. The «Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine» Company was established, which is the market leader in energy-saving lighting under own brands «Eurolamp» and «Green Power Euroelectric».

2013. The infantry training complex «Center-A» was established, which specializes in training of the security staff and conducting trainings of the special units of government.

2016. The plant «Kvass Beverages» passed into the management of the Group of Companies«Ascania». The company produces kvass under TM «Yarylo», which occupies a leading position in Ukraine.

2019. The  network of payment terminals «City24» passed into the management of the Group of Companies «Ascania».