Emir Alikberov

Director of Ascania Distribution Group. Has been working for the company for 6 years.

Emir’s career began in 2014 as a supervisor for “Green Power Euroelectric” Ukraine in Donetsk. In the same year he was transferred to Kharkiv, where he held the position of territorial manager, and within a year he was promoted to regional manager. High performance helped Emir to become the head of the main direction of the company “Ascania FMCG” in 2018, and the following year – the director of the branch. In 2020, Emir became the director of the Ascania Distribution Group in Kyiv.

“In 2013, I took a step back when I agreed to become a supervisor at “Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine”, because before that I worked at a senior position. But I was promised a prospect, and in six years I took full  advantage of it. Today, having passed the path of 6 positions and 2 areas of business in Ascania Group, my growth is not over and there is a hope for further career growth.

I believe that necessary character traits at any position to succeed should be: self-discipline, self-criticism, desire to learn and determination.

In my work I am motivated, first of all, by achievements: of my own, of employees, of teams, achievements of directions. Colleagues are also very motivating, each one of them is unique, and using our strengths, we manage to achieve results, which then motivate us in the first place. I also like to see the emotions of employees: those who are ready to gain knowledge, who grew before your eyes and finally came to their victories, skeptics who were convinced of the failure of the project from the beginning or did not believe in the strength of people. Ordinary people do great things. And emotions during their victories cannot be described in words – you need to be close. “