Dmitriy Popov

Director of “Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine”. Has been working for the company for 6 years.

Dmytro started his career in 2014 as a brand manager. The following year, he took the position of head of marketing, and in 2019, thanks to his determination, he was promoted to Marketing Director of the company. In 2022 Dmytro was appointed Director of “Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine”.

“I believe that success can be achieved only in the field of activity that brings moral satisfaction. To succeed you need discipline, diligence and a foundation of knowledge.

Today, marketing is one of the most relevant areas in business, and the profession itself is multifaceted and in demand.

I am quite conservative in terms of education and I believe that this is the foundation for further improvement. After all, without understanding the basics, it will be difficult to see the situation systematically and make effective decisions.

In my work I am inspired by results, new ideas and the opportunity to implement them, new goals and objectives. It is very interesting to make difficult decisions. “