Ascania-Flora Company updated Flora Active for extending flowers life

Flora Active product for extending life of cut flowers has got new modern design and liquid structure thanks to which it dissolved easily in water! Design and color of packaging changed too – from green to light blue.

Using all many years` experience and knowledge of the best experts in this industry, Ascania-Flora Company developed new effective product for extending life of all types of cut flowers – Flora Active. The high quality product does not have analogues on the Ukrainian market, it is intended to preserve the large parties of flowers in industrial packaging, for long-term preserving of products in retail chains, as well as keeping bouquet fresh in the vase at home.

If you know and follow simple rules of looking after your flowers, they will stay fresh in the vase for longer and bring you joy. One of the main reasons of flowers “death” is germs contained in the water. Therefore, the most effective way in this case is to use Flora Active in the liquid form. You need only to pour 1 sachet for 1 liter of water directly into the vase and your flowers will live longer!