Arms and Security

The «Zbroyar» Company

For 10 years, the «Zbroyar» Company has been one of the leading manufacturers of civil rifled firearms in Ukraine. Today the company offers a wide range of self-developed weapons: rifles with longitudinally sliding gate of Z-008 family and Z-15 semiautomatic and Z-10 on AR platform. People use «Zbroyar» products for sporting purposes, for hunting and for self-defense, not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Infantry-Training Complex «Center-A»

«Center-A» is the first and only private institution in Ukraine that offers professional training solutions in the field of security. The «Center-А» visitors will be taught by highly qualified instructors – world and European champions and prize winners of international competitions.

«Center-A» is equipped with everything needed for effective teaching and learning and combines in a single object:

  • an underground infantry training center of 1,500 m²;
  • sports halls: Game hall (playground, models of vertical relief, simulation device for free drop from a helicopter) and Hall of combat sports;
  • classrooms (briefing room and classroom);
  • household unit.

The activity of «Center-A» is regulated by the licenses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.